Karen Hines (Coach K) 

I (Karen D. Hines) am a Single Mother of 3 beautiful Business Owners and an Insightful Lifestyle Strategy Consultant Practitioner. Through my life experiences and educational background, with proven ability to achieve and surpass the basic life skills to manifest great potential in each client. I guarantee results.

With an optimistic outlook on life, I believe when you put your best foot forward, brighter opportunities are on the horizon. Practitioners understands that being transparent with their clients is valuable during their transition or life changes.

It is vital that you live in your moment and practice what you speak. Positioning yourself for a life of fulfillment & balance could be challenging, but who and what better way to journey towards a life of freedom other than with a guider who had a breakthrough from their past occurrences.

My being an Advocate for Single Mother's and Mental Health, I position single Mother's create calm in hectic & chaos, establish mental WELLness, and form Healthy Relationships & Boundaries.

As a Master Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Practitioner Instructor, I employ Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) methods during sessions. These techniques are, but not limited to Mindfulness, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, and Cultivating Mental Health and Personal Growth.